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Eddie’s Guitar Solo Scene Officially Released Online

Netflix has officially released the epic guitar solo scene from Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2!

Your favorite heavy metal scene from stranger things Season 4 volume 2 is finally available online! Netflix Just Released Eddie Munson’s Epic Guitar Solo Scene So Now You Can Relive The Awesomeness And Terror Of Metallica Puppeteer!

The sequence, officially titled Upside Down Guitar Scene by Eddie Munsonhas been downloaded on the official Netflix YouTube channel. Check it out below.

In the penultimate episode of stranger things Season 4, Eddie Munson managed to locate his guitar in the Upside Down and used it to distract the Demobats as his friends tried to bring down Vecna ​​in Victor Creel’s house. Eddie’s favorite song is Puppeteer and he dedicates the performance to the late Chrissy.

It has already been confirmed that Joe Quinn performed the guitar solo alongside a double for the finger close-ups. However, the footage also featured additional guitar tracks from Tye Trujillo, who happens to be the son of current Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo.

In a new post on his Instagram account, Rob praises Tye for his excellent work in stranger things. Rob also confirmed that Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, who wrote the guitar riffs himself, helped Tye with the tracks!

The Duffer Brothers previously highlighted Eddie’s guitar scene by revealing that Joe Quinn is an “incredible guitarist” who “spent many, many hours perfecting” his performance in the sequence. The Duffers also highlighted the song although they have yet to confirm it will be a Metallica classic. Needless to say, we can agree that it was all worth Quinn’s hard work.

You can now watch all nine episodes of Season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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