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Don Crucifix Delights Fans With Lele Latrice In ‘Super Woman’

Collaboration helps individuals show off their talents to others and also makes them more comfortable sharing their arts.

Through musical collaborations, artists can mix their audiences.

Beyond the transmission of activity and engagement, audiences, through collaboration, discover that its artists are not simply hidden in a tower, creating music alone in a studio. This approach will help provide a more complete picture of what works and what doesn’t.

Against this backdrop, top-rated entertainment label Don Crucifixto has teamed up with singer and songwriter Lele Latrice to create an unstoppable force, as the two parties recently released their magically created super dope record titled “Super Woman”.

The new single, which was released on September 2, once again showcases Don Crucifixto’s countless successful endeavors in the entertainment industry, from film production to talent management, impactful events, talks about city ​​celebrations, empowerment and charity initiative across the African continent. .

The message of the song could not have been conveyed better by anyone other than the talented Lele Latrice, an accomplished dancer, choreographer, singer and versatile artist, because the song expresses what it is made of.

Don Crucifixto and Lele Latrice through the new offering, hit an all-season record with no mandatory manual on how to enjoy it other than freeing the mind and flowing with the sound beat.

It’s never enough to tell a woman she’s beautifully made, Super Woman joins the tireless catalog of anthems crafted to make women everywhere proud of how amazing they are.

Speaking about the need for collaboration, Don Crucifixto said, “Collaboration is good because it helps artists work harmoniously, bringing together the creative voices of many equal partners who share a common vision and mission to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. ”

He noted that beyond creating greater recognition, collaborating with other artists, effectively connects artist fanbases. “It helps to develop and bring a more complete vision, better musicality, networking opportunities and more sales”, added Don Crucifixto.