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Conway the Machine and Jill Scott

One of the Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2022 Is Conway The Machine’s God does not make mistakes. Years in the making (with plans to arrive late 2021), Conway Shady Records’ debut solo album is one of his most comprehensive albums in an impressive and extensive catalog. Featuring the cohorts of Griselda Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher, the late February LP features Lil Wayne, Beanie Sigel, TI, Rick Ross and some of Con’s Drumwork artists. Alchemist, Daringer, Hit-Boy, Bink, and JUSTICE League provide production.

However, perhaps the most impressive guest performance on God does not make mistakes comes from three-time Grammy Award-winning singer Jill Scott. “Jilly From Philly,” which made huge contributions to hip-hop staples, including The roots come to lifecommon Like water for chocolateand Lupe Fiasco Food and alcohol, does it once again on Conway The Machine’s “Chanel Pearls.” The highlight now becomes a music video that captures the essence of the song.

Take a long walk down memory lane with Jill Scott as she revisits her debut album

The song begins with Conway in thought. “Cut in that Rolls / Draco on the seat, hope I get home / Head on a swivel, I’m still on my toes / The ones you love the most want to know what’s in your safe really / No morals in the streets now, niggas breaking the code / Smoking a squeeze shot, this fame taking its toll / I’m thankful I didn’t show up, I need a break from the road,he raps, presumably in the midst of the pandemic. The opening verse continues, “Put niggas in position, they always ungrateful, it shows / Fuck my energy, shit make me cold / My life a series of dramas like them HBO shows / When I die I go out like the pharaoh, drape- me gold.“In the video, a character representing young Conway balances a child on his lap as he lives through struggle. The imagery is juxtaposed with a lavish lifestyle now, in a much nicer environment.

Before launching into excessive singing, Jill Scott drops a verse, in the character of Benny’s dark song. “We fill the Buffalo night sky with our spirits and sativa / I was your wife, your confidante, your sugar thighs, your only believer / I know you, so I never trip / Fuck the little girls you hit , waiting for the change they could get / They wanted that big life from all the freak stones you chip / All the little bags you carry, and all the corners you sit / Intense, some would call it symbiotic / Different, and every part is simple intention / Why I fuck with you the most is you I get / It was the rhymes you spat, your confidence and the dick / While we stayed close, we weren’t monolithic steps / My way taught you some game, you made me happy with a blick / In that May Street apartment / You played Wu and Ella Fitzgerald, I read Nietzsche, you let me sleep / Woke me up with a big smile to eat some p*ssy /P more than close, more than perverse, more than love, I know you feel me.“As Conway’s raps are raw and image-driven, so is the acclaimed guest, who’s not above some grimy song details. The singer with two No. 1 albums is a songwriter who can write from the perspective of Conway’s partner, back on the streets of Buff. In the video, she wears blue fur to match Conway.

Details of Conway on the verge of losing his life and his rap dream (video)

Notably, Jill Scott recently launched her new season of J.Ill The Podcast.

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