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Cody Jinks Releases Emotional Music Video For “Hurt You,” His Career Debut Music Video

Last year, Cody Jinx propelled his career to new heights by securing both a national record, Pityand metal disk, None the wiserwith his rock band Caned By Nod.

It was further testament to the fact that Jinks did things his way, which is why we’ve all come to love his music over the past 12 years.

One of my favorite tracks Pity is “To hurt you,” which was written my Jinks, his wife Rebecca, and Ward Davis and Greg Jones.

It’s an intense, fast-paced song that will get the blood pumping, as he sings out of sheer authenticity and anger.

I first thought it was a swipe at the music industry, or the naysayers, or the people who stabbed him in the back, or most likely all three together. However, in an episode of his a couple in podcast, Jinks said he hadn’t thought of it, but it was definitely an interesting take.

Take a look at the chorus and decide for yourself:

“I’m going to hurt you like you’ve never done before
I’ll shove your name in the dirt
You won the battle but I win the war
I will hurt you and hurt you
I will hurt you as much as I can
And watch you cry and die where you stand
I wanna hear your tears hit the floor
i will hurt you
And hurt you even more.

Nonetheless, it’s yet another song full of raw authenticity, and the music video was released today. And believe it or not, this is the first music video of Cody’s long and decorated career.

The video shows a girl entering a dark, crowded church with a guitar over her shoulder. She walks forward, where three people are sitting and appear to be judging her.

Indeed, a surprise awaits you…