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CMT Premiere: Peytan Porter Drops Emotional Music Video For Single ‘Why We Broke Up’ | New

Falling in love in a college town can be blissful or complicated beyond belief. New emerging artist Peytan Porter would be the first person to attest that a romantic relationship intertwined with the emotionally draining four years of college can lead to heartbreak.

The Georgia native is far from a superficial storyteller; she puts her heart on the line and always tells her fans how it is. Instead of setting up a fictional fairy tale, she drew inspiration from her love story to write “why we broke up“alongside Sam Bergeson and Smith Ahnquist.

The reflective track is meant to send a chill down your spine and spark a conversation about self-esteem. The mid-tempo song lives on Porter’s debut project”In my head“, and details the highs and lows of a young love.

“But seeing you tonight, all that’s on my mind | Is kissing you under the stars on your hood, all the good times | And man, you make me miss laying on your chest | Thinking of looking forever into your blue eyes,” Porter sings, drawing listeners in with her captivating voice. “I remember long evenings and long talks, falling in love | But seeing you like this, I forget why we broke up | I remember my friends | Doing everything they could to make me forget | I remember thinking | That I’ll never forget all the hell you put me through | But seeing you tonight, all that comes to mind | It’s kissing under the stars on your hood, all the good times.

The 24-year-old turned to video producer Taylor Rasnick Brink and director Emma Kate Golden to bring this harrowing tale to life. The singer filmed the music video just a week after the CMA Fest, which was one of the most important milestones of her career so far. Porter was on cloud nine after a successful week, but there was still a side of her grieving over a relationship.

The resilient singer-songwriter told CMT that filming the music video triggered old memories, which made it difficult to keep his emotions on a rollercoaster ride.

“I was halfway through a breakup when we filmed the music video so it’s definitely a memory I’ll never forget. It wasn’t pretty, I cried during the hair and makeup and I held back my tears all day,” she explained. “Everyone on set was so patient and kind to me. Then when it was time to film the final scene, they gave me permission to cry, and I did, just at the right time. ”

Her raw emotions are captured on camera, as fans will quickly recognize the weight that weighs heavily on her heart. The clip begins with Porter in her bedroom, missing her ex-lover and reflecting on the messy relationship. The heartbreaking video is full of good and even bad flashbacks. Golden even documented the moment the flame between the two began to fade.

Porter thinks the clip perfectly depicts a rocky relationship and how green flags can turn red overnight. Despite the pain seething inside, she found the courage to walk away.

“The video gives a visual representation of how confusing and disorienting breakups can be, especially when the good parts of a relationship are easier to miss than the bad,” Porter said. “When we wrote this song it was about a guy I was dating in college, and college years are tough enough, but I wanted the music video to capture the messy ups and downs of letting go of something that’s not good for you,” she recalled. .

She continued to mention that her production team executed her vision perfectly. After watching the final cut, she gave herself a pat on the back and sent the unreleased tape to her colleague who played her toxic boyfriend.

“The first time I saw the video I was super proud and blown away. The night scenes were crazy because it was daylight when we shot them. Emma did an amazing job of bringing my vision to life and include all the whimsical, ethereal aspects of ‘In my head“, she pointed out. “I was also immediately thrilled to share it with Nic, the male lead. He’s never done anything like this and hadn’t acted since 4th grade, but he took a day off from his pressure washing job to come and act like my mean ex-boyfriend in a music video , so it was fun to see him excited about that too.”

Porter hopes his dedicated community will resonate with the relatable lyrics and appreciates his vulnerability.

“I hope the fans like it and appreciate seeing someone not pretending to have it all figured out or understood,” she said. “I literally picked out clothes from my own closet for this video and was messy half the day on set. So there’s a level of ok with things that aren’t perfect that I hope that portrays.”

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