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CeCe Releases Brand New Music Video For “FUEO”

The singer, songwriter and designer releases an energetic music video for her brand new track.

“It’s a joyful celebration of being broken, together,” CeCe says on her latest track, “FUEO.” Triumphant and lighthearted, the single begins with a feel-good anthem beat while the accompanying music video shows scenes of a car driving aimlessly down a deserted highway. Suddenly, CeCe’s angelic voice rises to the fore, singing a scintillating verse that describes the first steps of falling in love. As a group of carefree teenagers burst into the world – whether on carts or motorbikes – CeCe exclaims “let’s hang around until we hate each other”. Presenting the uncomfortable truth that many euphoric moments end in heartbreak, CeCe embraces the inevitable and embarks on new relationships with a charming and pessimistic attitude.

Elaborating further on the visual of the tracks, she explains, “This is my favorite video I’ve ever done. When Conner and I came up with the concept, we wanted it to be raw, authentic and joyful, and then all the pieces seemed to fall into place. Having my friends with me and having my first track day on my bike with real moto racers was a dream come true. The whole day took me back to being a kid when my buddies rode their dirt bikes to our farm on Saturday morning. AND I have to hang out the window of a Bronco so it doesn’t really get any better than that.

With a refreshingly self-aware cadence, the Illinois native has officially become one of our artists to watch for the year ahead. To stream “FUEO” now, head below…