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Busker divides fans over noise complaint from ‘angry-looking’ man

A busker recently shared his reaction to an ‘angry-looking man’ who asked him to turn his music down, however, people remained divided on how the situation unfolded

The man reminded Charli that some people have hearing problems

A busker recently had to deal with a furious member of the public who informed her that her music was ‘way too loud’, arguing that the volume was causing ‘real pain’ to others.

Given that she remained calm during what could well have been a heated exchange, several fans of singer Charli Mason applauded her for showing “so much grace and elegance”.

However, others had sympathy for the ‘angry-looking man’ heard off-camera, noting that it must be difficult for those with certain hearing difficulties to walk alongside loud buskers .

Charli, a British entertainer with more than 15.6,000 TikTok followers, says she knew “exactly” what the man was going to say when he approached her during a performance, stepping straight on his tripod.

In a video that racked up over 4.6 million views, Charli could be seen smiling politely as the man asked her if she was “aware of the absolute volume for buskers?”

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When she replied that she hadn’t, he proceeded to explain to her how “after 100 feet you shouldn’t be able to hear each other, according to the board”.

He said, “I could hear you all the way down the main street there. Some people have hearing problems, it’s really painful, it’s way too loud.”

Charli – who goes by the username @ccharlimason – told him the council was already there that day, and had no problem with his music, but that didn’t appease the man.

Doubling down on the matter, he continued: “They may not, but I’m just telling you there are people who had to cover their ears, it was so painful.”

He then told Charli to research hyperacusis, a hearing condition where ordinary sounds can sound much louder than they should, telling her “you’re causing real pain”.

The man told Charli his music ’caused real pain’



Charli thinks he could have just asked her to politely lower her music



Keeping her composure, Charli asked, “So are you politely asking me to decline, because I’m okay?”

The invisible man thanked her then, and the conversation seemed to come to a fairly friendly conclusion.

Sharing the video with her fans, Charli wrote, “If you ever need a busker to refuse, just ask,” adding a little love heart emoji.

One fan raved, “Well done for being so brave and handling this so well!”

Another wrote: ‘You handled it so well I would have just started singing and pretended not to hear it’.

However, others were able to see the side of the man, with a third person sympathizing: “Hyperacusis is becoming more and more common and when people have it it causes severe pain so if this man has it , I can see what he means!”

A fourth said: “To be fair to him, he wasn’t being hostile or abusive, he was just trying to share his point of view.”

In response to such comments, Charli explained that while she’s “always happy to oblige if I’m bothering someone, that’s just not the right way to approach it”, stating that he would have could just “politely ask me to decline”.

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