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BUDDERSIDE is looking for ‘The Truth’ in the latest music video released today

Los Angeles-based rock band Budderside implores to uncover the truth of life and its meaning with their new single, “The Truth,” available today on all digital streaming platforms. Stream/download it here.

Singer, songwriter and founding member Patrick Stone seeks those answers in the song’s music video filmed in a nearby Santa Barbara valley where his mother lived. Watch “The Truth” music video, directed by Vicente Codero, below.

Stone elaborated on the inspiration for “The Truth” saying, “My mother’s house sat at the top of the valley where we filmed the video in Santa Barbara. I saw some of the most beautiful flowers and sunsets there. sunshine of my life and I always thought it would be an amazing place to photograph. I remember sitting on its porch, it was like a theater watching God paint day and night. It’s exactly the opposite of where you’d expect to see this song explained. The truth is – no pun intended – this song is so dark that it’s dangerous to focus on its lesson. Hopefully sharing it this way will help listeners to lean more into the grove and dual guitar solo than his honest lyrics. For once, I’m actually happy to avoid explaining and more devoted to distracting with the visuals. It must have been daunting to ‘one way or another, however, and I was o obsessed with the kidnapping and how crazy it would be to see. Religious beliefs are not our brand, but what lies beyond the stars and the secrets we keep played well in this story.

Read a Q&A below with Stone about new music, how the band’s name was formed, and how other rock bands continue to borrow the band’s musicians.

Q: Can you tell us how Budderside’s new album compares to previous releases? What inspired or led to these artistic/style changes and why?

Stone: “Finally this is the music I always wanted Budderside to be. Not that my heart and soul weren’t in everything that came before, but the fact that the whole band is as talented as they are really makes a difference in the writing, the music and the vibe. I also blame our entertainment lawyer and close friend, Eric German. He had the courage to tell us what was wrong and wasn’t afraid to be completely candid. I’ve always respected Eric and the artists he works with and instead of letting his advice break me, it fired me up.

Q: You worked with producer Matt Good on the new album who has worked with many mainstream rock radio bands including Asking Alexandria and Hollywood Undead. Can you share how he was able to contribute to the development of Budderside’s overall sound on the album? What did he bring to the table that you felt was different from past producers?

Stone: “Eric German introduced us to Matt and Budderside quickly became his band too. It demands greatness and constantly challenged us with styles and sounds we weren’t comfortable with. It was exactly what we needed. Coming in, I was completely hoping that a metamorphosis would happen, and it did. He listens to every detail and we don’t move on until we all agree that it’s perfect. We landed in a very unique and radical space with the new sound.

“His style is what sets him apart from others. Matt produces what hasn’t been done before. He is the leader in his genre if you ask me. I love the bands he worked with, and you can see the difference between the songs they recorded with him and the songs that didn’t. It brings this particular energy. Something inside me has changed and you can hear it in the new music. My preconceptions about singing dissolved from technique to truth. I was like a guitar plugged into an amp for the first time. It was all on 11. Putting Matt Good’s name on ours is one of our greatest accomplishments.

Q: What inspired you to write “The Truth”?

Peter: “The truth. Pun intended this time. What the fuck does this life mean? What are we doing here? What happens next? I am suffering. Life seems like a fight over another and I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m constantly afraid that the next thing will push me over the edge. Have I lost sight of who I am? My bandmates believe in me and writing this song together helped me see that I’m not alone. We all want to know. Give me the truth! Killing yourself to mean something to someone, for something.

Q: If you were lucky enough to be abducted by a UFO, would you take the plunge? Why or why not? If so, what truths would you expect to find from such an experience?

Peter: “Certainly. I would expect to find exactly that, ‘the truth’. Knowing the truth and unraveling the great mystery would be extremely exciting and yet bring abundant peace.

Q: This must be your most asked question, but you’ve shared different answers in previous interviews. For once and for all, can you tell us what the name “Budderside” means and why you chose it for the band?

Stone: “There is no exact answer. What does life mean? Answer that and you have described its definition. What about the “F” word? Use Budderside like you use that word and you’ll get it. If you can explain it, you haven’t! Narrow-minded people don’t understand. Lemmy got it and it was good enough for me. People who understand me and accept me for who I am are behind the name. Defying him is a fight you will lose. You might say Gandhi or Einstein are weird, but not once you figure out what they stood for. Once you understand us, you will see and say it differently, just like we do. It’s the name of a very significant rock band.

Q: When people see/hear the name Budderside, what do you think they think the band looks like? What do you want them to think?

Stone: “I would expect them to be very curious. When they hear it, I want them to be totally blown away.

Q: Knowing that you’ve hand-picked the band members, how do you feel now that other big rock bands have “borrowed” them for tours etc.? ?

Stone: “Dorothy thanked me backstage last night for letting her ‘borrow Sam’ for her recent tour. I’m sure she knows she didn’t have to say that, but she did anyway and it made me feel good. I love her talent and her songs, and she deserves the best. She knows that’s exactly what Sam is. I’m really proud to be part of Budderside. Budderside is Sam’s band just like Budderside is Logan’s band, opening for Shinedown in arenas every night with Diamante right now… and that’s where we belong. Five fingers of one hand weaving our way into the life we ​​deserve, together.

“The Truth” is one of the many highlights of the band’s yet-to-be-titled upcoming album. Scheduled this fall via oneRPM, it was recorded with producer Matt Good (Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead). “The Truth” follows the diabolical single “Never Worth It”. Previously released singles include “Too Far,” which focuses on mental health awareness, “Ghostlighting” (and its Scooby Doo-inspired music video), and the album’s anthemic debut track “Voices.”

Budderside is:

Patrick Stone – Vocals
Gabe Maska – Bass
Jeff Dewbray – Drums
Sam Koltun – Guitars
Logan Nikolic – Guitars

(Photo – Mathias Fau)