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Brooke releases new music video “Heartbreaker”

Following the successful release of ‘Tongues’, Irish Eurovision 2022 star Brooke Scullion returns with the latest single, ‘Heartbreaker’ as she teases the debut EP due out later this year.

Brooke becomes “Heartbreaker” in a new music video

Over the summer, Brooke made the most of her Eurovision experience with performances across Europe, as well as closer to home at Cork Pride and Eurofest. These fans have already heard a live preview of Brooke’s new single, “Heartbreaker.” Today, the Derry singer officially releases the new single, along with an accompanying music video.

Unlike the rhythmic sound of previous singles, “Heartbreaker” showcases Brooke’s raw vulnerabilities, in a catchy pop ballad with country influences. Not surprising considering the music video was filmed in Nashville! The melodic anthem of bass drum with banjo strings tells how to break up a relationship while causing the least amount of pain to the other person. The new single is co-written by Brooke, along with Lleo/Lucy Whittaker, Naomi Hammerton and Karl Zine.

Heartbreaker is written from the perspective of anticipated pain. Every relationship starts with the intention of a future, but unfortunately that dream scenario doesn’t last forever. Heartbreaker explores how to end a relationship, without hurting anyone, which is a storyline everyone can relate to. I think people will appreciate the alternate perspective of the song – in a way, it’s an “anti-breakup song”, where you consider your partner’s feelings while prioritizing your own.


Later this year, Brooke is set to release her debut EP. Included are ‘Heartbreaker’, the previously released Eurovision single, ‘That’s Rich’, the recently released ‘Tongues’ and the first single, ‘Attention’. Reflecting on her musical style, Brooke teases that we can expect a range of sounds on the EP.

I think normally you have to make a record that is sonically very similar. The next two [songs] are probably more similar sonically. But for me, as a beginner artist, I wanted to experiment with sounds. I wanted to take her where it would take me. It was all a watershed moment for me, trying to experiment and be authentic. It was fun to do that and to have the freedom to do it. I had no one around, telling me ‘you have to do this, you have to do that’.

Brooke addressing the official charts

Brooke at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Earlier this year, RTÉ, Ireland’s national broadcaster, relaunched its national Eurosong selection. During the six-song special on The Late Late Show, Brooke Scullion and her pop-punk banger, ‘That’s Rich’ were declared the winners. This includes obtaining maximum points in the international jury vote and the public televote.

In the Turin contest, Brooke finished 10th in the second second semi-final, but unfortunately did not reach the grand final, placing 15th with 47 points.

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