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Blackink’s Pink Venom Becomes Fastest 2022 K-pop Music Video To Surpass 300 Million On YouTube

Pink Venom sets a YouTube record

It’s possible Stop it’s time to shine, but it seems that pink venom is here to show his dominance too! Yes, we’re talking about Blackpink’s pre-release single which still seems to be getting the same love as when it was first released.

For those of you who may not know, Blackpink, after two long years, has finally come out with new music. Title Born pink, their new album is here and it’s definitely not here to play. And the proof is in the fiery title track Close.

But before Closewe have had pink venom, which immediately became the talk of the town. With her catchy tunes and wild lyrics, we were all ready to taste the venom rose and how. And now it looks like Blinks couldn’t ardently stop streaming the music video too.

This could be the only reason why not even a month after its release, in just 28 days to be precise after its August 19 release, pink venom can now boast of having garnered 300 million views. Quite a feat for a pre-release single, isn’t it?

If that wasn’t a feat in itself, pink venom became the fastest music video by a K-Pop group to reach 300 million views. So, to sum it up, just another day when Blackpink is making and breaking records.

Then the group is ready to launch the born pink time by flying to Los Angeles. They are known for performing at Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, as well as appearing on other official programs. To top it off, Blackpink will also be embarking on a world tour next month, and the excitement surrounding it is literally through the roof.

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