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Bird Sings Harry Potter Theme Music: Video Goes Viral

Take a look at a bird that sings the music of Harry Potter

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Despite the fact that the first Harry Potter movie was released over 20 years ago, fan enthusiasm for all things Hogwarts is still at an all-time high. Now, a bird singing the movie’s theme music has captivated all Potterheads online. A European starling is breaking the internet with its musical prowess, in what looks like a scene straight out of any mystical movie where the birds are masters at singing. Zephyr, a bird that can not only sing but also beatbox, recently rose to fame on TikTok by singing the Harry Potter theme perfectly.

The current video, which has over 20 million views, was posted to the platform by its “bird mom” user @farijuana_, a woman who continues to share many images of the talking bird. “The middle breath,” the woman remarked in the video’s description, delighted with the bird’s antics to demonstrate its abilities.

“I love how it even mimics the breath I take in the middle of the whistle,” the woman said on TikTok when she shared the now-viral video. Meanwhile, ‘Muggles’ on social media were amazed at how effectively the bird captured the theme tune, with others adding that it would be perfect for the Hogwarts environment.

Harry Potter’s “Back to Hogwarts” reunion earlier this year in January not only provided fans with a flood of nostalgia, it also brought them back to Hogwarts and the development of the mega-franchise as the main performers sat down to chat.

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