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Best country clip of each year since 1984 | Entertainment

There are a few things in this life that feel truly and truly American – apple pie, football, light beer, pickup trucks, country music. Most experts agree that country music as we know it today born at the beginning of the 20th century in the American South, where combinations of Appalachian folk tunes, dark spirituals, and popular blues standards began to meld into the string and harmonica songs we commonly associate with the genre.

Country music has come a long way since the early 1900s, when “the father of country music” Jimmie Rodgers released track after yodeling track, and in 2021 it was the fourth most listened genre in the USA.

The country music academy was founded in 1964 for the express purpose of promoting the genre in the western United States, following in the footsteps of the Country Music Association, which cared about shaping the genre internationally. The Academy held its first awards ceremony two years later, in 1966, recognizing the industry’s achievements of the previous year. One of country music’s biggest nights, the ACM Awards have been held every year since, and as we approach 60 years of celebrations, we’re looking back at some of the genre’s biggest winners.

To this end, Stacker reviewed the Video of the Year winners each Academy of Country Music Awards over the past 38 years since its introduction in 1984. From the hits of Hank Williams Jr. to the party anthem of Elle King and Miranda Lambert, these songs and their music videos have shaped and defined the genre over the decades.

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