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Becca Tilley Confirms Romance With Hayley Kiyoko After Music Video

The summer of love is extra pink for Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko.

May 20, The single person alum confirmed his romance with the pop star in a new instagram. “Hard to tell if this is a hard or soft launch, but it’s a launch,” Becca wrote in the caption before adding Hayley’s nickname “#95p.”

Becca also shared a compilation of memories with Hayley from the past few months. And like Dagny“Love You Like That” playing in the background, fans spotted the duo exchanging a few kisses.

The post comes hours after Hayley celebrated the release of her latest hit ‘For the Girls’ by dropping the video for the song, which is a romantic queer parody of the hit ABC reality show. In the video, Hayley searches for the perfect partner before Becca arrives in a limo for a surprise ending.

“I love being a woman, and women have always had a huge influence on my life,” Hayley said in a statement. “‘For The Girls’ is an anthem celebrating this love, highlighting our strength, beauty and vulnerability. The music video is meant to reflect this celebration with a sense of humor and an expansive take on the romantic story being told. C was so much fun to make, especially since it’s a nod to one of my favorite reality TV shows of all time.”