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Bananarama’s connection goes “far beyond the music” | Entertainment

Bananarama’s connection goes “far beyond the music”.

Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward are preparing to hit the road again to celebrate their 40th anniversary, and the duo – who were joined in the band by Siobhan Fahey – are still as close now as they were growing up, having met at school when they were only five years old.

Sara said: “Keren and I are totally connected.

“We did the blood brothers, ‘We’ll be friends forever’ thing and we really were.

“We’re both very committed to doing what we do even if we don’t always have the best moments.”

Keren added, “Our friendship goes far beyond music. We have such a common history.

The “Cruel Summer” singers are “very proud” of their long career.

Sara said: “Forty years is such a long time for women in the music industry.

“The fact that we have continued to weather the ups and downs and are still doing an amazing job is something we can be very proud of.”

Keren added, “As women, we always thought we had to work twice as hard to get the respect we think we deserve. Especially looking back, I think we really deserve it.

The duo will mark their anniversary with the release of a new album, ‘Masquerade’ later this month, and Sara’s daughter, singer/songwriter Alice D helped write some of the songs.

Keren said HELLO! magazine: “I think it’s a pretty reflective album.

“Sara and Alice wrote a song called ‘Forever Young’ and Sara told me that her inspiration was our childhood friendship and our childhood. I got very emotional about it.

The “Venus” hitmakers hope to be together again for years to come.

Asked about the possibility of a 50th, or even a 60th anniversary album, Keren said, “Never say never. We just feel very lucky to be able to have this kind of career.