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Bad Bunny marries girlfriend Gabriela in ‘Titi Me Pregunto’ music video

It is finally here : bad bunny released his latest music video for “Titi Me Pregunto” from his record album A Verano Sin Ti. The album was released with an accompanying music video for the track “Moscow Mule,” and it’s no surprise that track came next, given its summertime anthem feel and viral notoriety on the social networks.

The clip opens with an aunt (titi) asking a young boy if he has many girlfriends. “You tiene’ mucha’ novia, verdad?” she asks when another child is coming and tells him that they have three girlfriends at school. Titi responds by telling them to calm down and be careful before taking a chancletazo. Viewers are then taken for a perreo street party with Bad Bunny dancing with fans in all the streets of New York. There are shots filmed in a bodega, a hair salon and in the middle of the street – capturing the true energy of these communities.

The performance isn’t wasted either with all the Caribbean flags waving and Benito taking selfies with Latin fans along a parade route. As everyone jumps to the music and dances to each other, the feeling of freedom and single life fills the screen.

But everything takes a very wild turn when Bad Bunny is kidnapped and forcibly dressed in a costume only Bad Bunny can pull off, complete with puffy sleeves and a long skirt. Lowkey, it looks like he’s being forced to go to a wedding he reluctantly wants to go through.

However, the real pitfall is Gabriela Berlingeri, the singer’s girlfriend, appearing in the sky in a wedding dress and descending towards the altar. Talk about a jaw-dropping cinematic moment when she lands.

Fans have long speculated that the artist married Berlingeri. Although he maintained that they haven’t gotten married yet, the music video gives fans the kind of marital reality they’ve been hoping to see. Maybe fans will drop the prying wedding for now as we wish from many. titis of the world.

Watch the music video below: