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Artists and music fans collaborate on songs

THIS year, six Filipino artists each co-wrote and produced a song with a music fan during the sixth season of Coke Studio Philippines, with the results published in the Fan Collaborated Coke Studio EP.

Coke Studios is inspired by the function of a music studio, where artists produce music.

“Through Coke Studio Philippines, we have built lives and empowered the local music scene by bringing together musical artists and their fans to create music, sound,” said Cesar Gangoso, Frontline Marketing Director, East, Coca-Cola ASEAN and South region. Pacific, during an online press launch on July 20.

“We are proud to say that since its launch in 2017, we have been able to build Coke Studio into one of the largest music platforms where diversity, fusion and unity of artists, producers and fans are at the heart” , did he declare. said.

“One of the things fans always ask for is to collaborate with their favorite musical artists,” Mr. Gangoso said of this year’s concept. “We want to involve music fans and we want to make the creative process accessible to music fans.”

This season’s Coke Studio artists are hip-hop artist and rapper Shanti Dope, singers and social media influencers Arthur Nery and Adie, pop rock band The Juans, girl pop group BINI and singer and rapper KZ Tandingan.

In June, fans of these artists were invited to write, produce and remix songs as part of the Coke Fan Fusion challenges. Through social media, fans submitted their entries for a chance to co-create the final song with their favorite artists. The six singles and song-making episodes are released weekly until August 30.

The songs have different themes and stories.

Shanti Dope’s song “Day Onez” evokes childhood; the Juans”Diskis about Filipino ingenuity, and Arthur Nery’s “Sing” is about appreciating those who selflessly stand up for others.

BINI’s “Love Yourself” is, according to the group, about body positivity, since girl groups are expected to conform to a standard physical appearance. of the Adie”Tinatangi” talks about expressing feelings for a loved one; and KZ Tandingan”Sabi-Sabi” is to be shameless.

“There’s always something you want to do but you don’t do it because people always say you can’t and don’t do it at all and don’t even try. It’s about taking that power back,” Ms Tandingan said of her song.

The Coke Studio episodes will be available on YouTube and Spotify on the following dates: “Day Onez” by Shanti Dope on July 23, “Sing” by Arthur Nery on July 30, “Love Yourself” by BINI on August 6, The Juan’s “DiskAugust 13, Adie’sTinatangi“on August 20, and KZ’s”Sabi-Sabion August 30.

Full episodes are available at — Michelle Anne P. Soliman