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Arthur Brown Shares Animated Music Video For ‘Going Down’

Arthur Brown shares an animated music video for

English singer and songwriter Arthur Brown is back with a new animated video for “Going Down”, his second single from the British singer’s upcoming album, long long road. The album is slated for release on Brown’s 80th birthday on June 24, which seems like a great birthday present for himself that his fans may appreciate as well.

As always, Brown’s powerful voice shines in “Going Down.” The single has the psychedelic rock sound with a hint of blues, of course, and the music video complements it so well. Slow motion graphics of coffins, flames, and a person falling into what appears to be hell is somewhat reminiscent of a classic horror movie. As he sings for someone to “break the spell” and set him free, the images are eye-catching and almost chilling. Regarding his new song, he comments, “Ah yeah, there’s no need to worry about your warm-up anymore because this joyful song revolves around diving into the flames of hell, using prayer and the question ‘Is God deaf?'” He adds, “On ‘Going Down’, I unabashedly return to my original sound and energy which lies at the crossroads of soul, gospel, rock, blues, classical and heavy. Enjoy!” Well, enjoy the video below!

Brown signed with Prophecy Productions in January 2021 due to their interest in “the artist’s vision and direction of the music and overall aesthetic. So, fans can expect to see Brown’s artistry come to life on his new album. Based on this new track, fans can definitely expect an album that’s wild, vibrant and packed full of rich musical textures. The album will effortlessly shift from progressive rock and soul to blues-rock, with the singer showcasing his full vocal range. Without a doubt, Brown has mastered this talent, and it will be exciting to figure it all out.

Photo credit: Raymond Flotat