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Alternative Pop Star Phem Drops Cathartic New Music Video For His Summer Single “brkdwn”

Adding even more boldness to his summer single “Brown” alternative pop star Phem drops a cathartic new music video equipped with dancing, skating, and a house party. The new music video and single sees Phem reinhabiting his body and soul, going through tough times to find joy and exhilaration.

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Phem’s latest single is all about exploring the nooks and crannies of our mental health, especially after the collective emotional shock of having our lives impacted by the coronavirus pandemic at least to some extent. She wrote it not only as a release from all the emotional pressure built up over the past few years, but also as a way for people to come together after going through such an ordeal.

“It’s undeniable that each of us has struggled emotionally, mentally, physically, or struggled over the last couple of years or so,” notes Phem. “I wanted to create an anthem that could allow us to celebrate our pain together and turn it into something positive.”

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Channeling that angst, fear, depression, anxiety, and every other bad feeling into “brkdwn,” Phem chews it all up and forcefully spits it out in exhilarating deliverance. The song’s beat is fast, tinged with electro and loaded with a punk attitude; its danceable, or mosh-worthy tempo, indicative of Phem’s out-of-the-box style and collision of sound.

The new music video features Phem hanging out with friends, skating, drinking from a large bottle of green tea and performing at a lively house party. Usually enjoying a night out, Phem seems to take control of his surroundings, pumping up his friends and the crowd on his house show. This visualization of coming off is immediately palpable in Phem’s actions while blurry transitions and a green tint add a captivating element to the overall look of the music video theme.


Based in Los Angeles, Phem is a top musician among his peers and a rising star in alt-pop music. She is also a proud champion of LGBTQ+ voices on the stage. In addition to her own boundary-breaking music, she has collaborated with a host of artists, including Tyler Posey, G-EazyMachine Gun Kelly, Lil Tracy, The Hunna and alison wonderland and is due to perform at the Reading and Leeds Festival in August.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more from Phem, be sure to follow her on instagram and Twitter.


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