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AGATHODAIMON Releases “Kyrie/Gloria” Music Video

German dark metal frontman Agathodaimon will release their seventh studio album, The Seven, on March 18 via Napalm Records. The ten-track offering stays true to their old-school-minded hits with a new vigour, hard to categorize due to its prevalent musical styles, creating dark atmospheres with high-pitched growls and insane clean vocals. Get ready for an exceptional world of sound.

After unveiling the massively intense first single ‘Ain’t Death Grand’, followed by the mournful ‘Wolf Within’, the gates of darkness are calling you to enter once again with the hellish third ‘Kyrie/Gloria’. The track leans towards heavy doom metal, evoking a black mass with creeping darkness and desperate screams turning into hard black metal parts, all topped off by the exceptional appearance of Benighted frontman Julien Truchan. “Kyrie/Gloria” comes with an appropriately atmospheric music video shot against the awe-inspiring landscape of Arenfels Castle, Germany. Agathodaimon rings the bell for one last dance with the devil before The Seven are finally unleashed.

Agathodaimon on “Kyrie/Gloria”: “This is one of the most extreme songs on our album. Explosive beats meet over the top doom metal riffs… We love the intense atmosphere conjured up here – the song has an awesome groove , and we can’t wait to perform it live. Oh, and we highly suggest you watch the music video we made for this one!”

Formed in 1995 and burst onto the scene with their debut album, Blacken the Angel, in 1998, bandleader Sathonys was temporarily forced to put Agathodaimon on hold in 2014 due to private circumstances. But the irrevocable fire of the band and its fans has never been extinguished, seeking a revival of this sonorous and bubbling beast. The unit’s massive new outburst, The Seven, reveals extreme soundscapes amid a gripping concoction of evil, defiant, cutting dark metal and heroic symphonic black metal in the style of bands like Cradle of Filth and Carach Angren , but with their own multifaceted grip . Thematically, as the title of the album suggests, the entirety centers around the momentous and symbolically powerful number seven and the seven deadly sins – sloth, greed, lust, gluttony, pride, wrath , envy – on ten tracks in total, all addressed with religious themes that contrast with the human being and his original nature.

Sathonys on the album: “Well, we took our time creating this album. We had to make sure that we (could) work together as a band after all these years, that the chemistry was there, that it felt organic to release another album after such a long hiatus. Long story short, we can’t wait to release The Seven, because we’re so happy with it. More than that, we are proud of it. Typically, you can point to one or two songs that really stand out from the rest, but here you’ll feel the effort that went into every song and every aspect. Not only on the writing level, there is also the artistic concept and the artwork/visual realization delivered by the team of Credo Quia Absurdum, or the excellent production under the supervision of our friend Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner (Powerwolf, Aborted, Benighted etc.) . You usually have to be prepared to compromise. The Seven is far from it, as it is our most ambitious album to date.

Diving into this thrilling construction with the opening “La Haine”, the track draws the listener into the icy and dark world of Agathodaimon, produced by his longtime companion Kristian “Kohle” Bonifer (Aborted, Powerwolf, Hämatom among others ), building a dense wall of thunderous sound, accentuated by a multifaceted vocal interpretation. Songs like raging “Wolf Within” and haunting “In my Dreams” wander between dense soundscapes, overwhelming instrumentals and intense lyricism. “Kyrie/Gloria,” meanwhile, leans more towards heavy doom metal, calling for a black mass with creeping darkness and desperate screams turning into harsh black metal parts, all topped off with the appearance of the leader of Benighted Julien Truchan. In the middle of the track list, there is another treat for fans hiding with a period orchestration that opens the war for the remarkable performance of the former singer of Agathodaimon, the Romanian Vlad Dracul, on ” Mother of all Gods”. It’s not just this first-ever collaboration since 1999, but The Seven as a whole, that shows that Agathodaimon absolutely pulls off the balancing act of incorporating its past into a bright and exciting future.

The Seven will be available in the following formats:

– 1 LP Gatefold Ocean Blue
– 1 CD Digipak + T-Shirt Bundle (Napalm Records exclusive)
– 1 Digipack CD
– Digital scrapbook

Pre-order here.

List of The Seven tracks:

“Death is not grand”
“Inner Wolf”
“The Ghosts of Greed”
“Mother of All Gods”
“In My Dreams (Part 1 – Prelude)”
“In My Dreams (Part 2 – In Bitterness)”
“The divine”

“Wolf Within” Lyric Video:

“Ain’t Death Grand” video:

Agathodaimon are:

Sathonys – Guitar, clean vocals
Nakhateth – Guitar
Von Yanesh – Bass
Ashtrael – Vocals
Mortos – Drums

(Photo – Andrea Reitmeyer)