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A versatile social media star! Manav Chabbra solo rap single released online

MUMBAI: Whether it’s acting, dancing or rapping; Manav Chhabra is truly the king of all trades, with almost 2 million followers on Instagram. Raising the bar every day, the social media star has now dropped a coveted rap single on his official YouTube channel Mnv TV.

‘ROTY’ features Manav Chhabra in a raw, unfiltered avatar as he raps about his filled, edgy journey to internet stardom. We see Manav go through a range of emotions as he unravels his life story. Boasting groovy beats and sublime music, the track is sure to delight Chhabra fans.

What makes the clip even more unique is the fact that it was shot, sung and composed by Manav himself, all in one day! He was given the challenge to create something in 24 hours, a challenge he not only accepted but also took up in true Manav Chhabra style.

Speaking about the solo, Manav said, “This single is very special to me for many reasons. It’s a gift for all my fans who have been with me through thick and thin, it was also quite an adventure to create the whole piece in a single day. I’m really excited for people to see this labor of love.”

Manav is behind not one but two popular channels on YouTube. The youngster’s endeavor is to deliver the best content to the audience, from vlogs, performances to challenges. With immense talent and a charming screen presence, it seems like the sky is the limit when it comes to Manav’s growth!

You can check out the video in the link below:-