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9 Changes GTA Online Needs For Next-Gen Versions

Grand Theft Auto V is the game that never stops rolling. It’s about nine years old and it still tops the charts. The single-player campaign is fantastic, but the game owes some of its legs to grand theft auto online, the multiplayer component. Players have been exploring Los Santos with friends for nearly a decade.

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They will continue to do so when the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V releases in March 2022. Considering the age of the game, GTA online needs some serious fixes to keep up with all the other popular competing multiplayer titles. Here’s hoping Rockstar Games pulls out all the stops and adds at least a few fixes detailed in the list below.

8 Reduced loading times


Start-up Grand Theft Auto V takes an incredibly long time. Where many modern games take advantage of new consoles’ SSDs to virtually eliminate load times, it would be inexcusable if the modern incarnation of GTA online still made players wait over a minute to enter the world.

When disconnecting, it takes even longer to jump into a new server or return to singleplayer. Reducing load times would help streamline GTA online.


seven Improved frame rate

GTA Online Heavy Rifle

The current version of GTA online runs at 30 frames per second, which was perfectly acceptable in 2014. However, this generation has seen most games run at 60 frames per second. These aren’t just reissues either.

Newer games often allow gamers to choose between a high frame rate with normal resolution or a locked 30 in 4K. Yes GTA online does not offer the same options, it will be much more difficult to justify its purchase again.

6 More story content for those playing solo

GTA Online Dr. Dre on the golf course

Although GTA In line is a multiplayer mode, many live their days as lone wolves. A recent expansion The contracteven has an involved story featuring single-player characters set after the events of GTA V.

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If this represents a new trend in content for GTA onlinethose who love Rockstar Games for the story will have a lot to look forward to. GTA V never gave fans single-player DLC, so story-driven expansions for GTA online are a good way to catch up.

5 Heal the bereavement

GTA Online oppressor MK2

You could say that griefing, the process of killing other players for no other reason than to block their progress, is part of the experience. It’s a game about committing crimes and shooting things, after all. However, this turns off a lot of potential new players.

While there are already ways to avoid this, more should be done to help newcomers avoid heartbreak. Ultimately, it makes you think about why people get such joy out of it. Rockstar could at least get rid of or even nerf the Oppressor Mk 2 bikes.

4 More land


The Los Santos map is big enough to feel interesting and fresh even all these years later. Still, it would do a lot to excite and attract new players if there was a whole other section of the map added. The dream would be to have Liberty City of Grand Theft Auto IV included, but maybe that’s too much to ask.

Adding something even a quarter the size of the continent would be interesting. The developers teased fans with the Cayo Perio heist, which took place on a different island, but players couldn’t do much about it other than the main heist.

3 Smoother movement and aiming

GTA Online Player Phone Verification

A major complaint about the developer’s recent games is what some consider outdated controls. Games, including the latest Red Dead Redemption 2, have basically controlled the same since Grand Theft Auto 4.

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Other open-world games have made movement freer and aiming smoother. Although it is not an open world game, Max pay 3 runs on the same motor and has much smoother controls.

2 Cross-platform play


GTA online has an absolutely massive player base. Players should rarely have trouble finding people in the world. However, there are certainly many friends who cannot contact each other on different consoles.

Many popular multiplayer games have cross-platform capabilities. GTA online Heists and missions requiring two or more players are always better if it’s with people the player knows. Not being able to play with friends because they’re on another console is understandable, but it also doesn’t feel right when players know other games allow it.

1 Custom soundtrack


On the original Xbox, gamers had the ability to put songs on their hard drives and play them in the car while playing any of the Grand Theft Auto titles for the console. It is curious to see this feature missing from future releases.

Some modern games have included a Spotify option in the menu to customize the game soundtrack. As great as the radio is GTA online, those who play a ton will start to hear the same after a while, so letting them throw some of their own tunes through a streaming service would be a great feature.

Auto grand theft 5 is now available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. A next-gen version is planned for March 2022

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